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CINÉMOI SAYS “Bienvenue!” “Benvenuto!” “Bienvenido!”
“Welcome, Welcome, Welcome” To the Re-launch of Cinémoi on January 29th, 2014
On Verizon Channel 236

24-Hour Exquisitely Innovative Network Dedicated to Curated Films, High Couture
and International Lifestyle with Movies from Such Illustrious Vintage & Modern Stars
as Bardot, Deneuve, Hayworth, Monroe, Nicholson, Palance, and Pitt

Los Angeles, Calif. (January 29, 2014)  – Having earned such enthusiastic supporters as Martin Scorsese, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Jane Birkin, Michael Caine, Martin Landau, Jacqueline Bisset and so many more, Cinémoi is now set to premiere Wednesday, January 29th on Verizon FiOS.

The internationally-acclaimed lifestyle channel, which was originally launched on DIRECTV on September 17, 2012, will be available to Verizon FiOS customers on channel 236. "We are excited to introduce Cinémoi into the homes of FiOS customers," said Dan Bushansky, Director of Verizon Content Strategy & Acquisition. "Verizon continues to add unique, compelling content to FiOS, and Cinémoi is another example of our commitment to our customers."

A 24-hour network featuring curated films from around the world and high couture festivals new to the U.S. television market, Cinémoi will be nestled among AMC, FX Movie Channel, IFC, Sundance Channel and Turner Classic Movies.

“We’re committed to offering high-quality entertainment with unparalleled style and elegance, and believe that Cinémoi, once again, will become a network of choice for a breadth of American viewers, for those who fondly remember us from last year, new viewers who affectionately recall the Golden Age of Hollywood, and contemporary audiences,” offered Rod Sherwood, CEO of Cinémoi North America.

More than just a “movie channel,” Cinémoi is aimed at discerning viewers who aspire for enticing and sophisticated entertainment. It offers a lens to the world at large – re-introducing American audiences to outstanding contemporary and vintage films, and transporting them to the most glamorous world events and exotic destinations.  Elegant in tone, Cinémoi is defined by high-quality content in contrast to sensationalized, manufactured reality shows.  U.S. viewers will enjoy daily afternoon and evening movies, primarily in English, ranging from CineEpics to CineFemmeFatale, CineDramas, CineRomance and CineMidnight, to CineFilmNoir, CineBioDocs, CineRebels, CineCouture and CineIcons.

At the launch press conference (soon to be announced) Cinémoi will highlight such films as Contempt (50 Year Anniversary) with Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance. Dangerous Beauty with Naomi Watts and Jacqueline Bisset, Roman Polanski’s Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve, Gilda and Lady from Shanghai featuring screen siren Rita Hayworth, modern dramas such as Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix, Redacted by Brian De Palma, Fellini: I’m A Born Liar by Damian Pettigrew, Alegria with Oscar® winner Frank Langella and award-winning contemporary movies such as Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson.

With its own top-quality in-house production arm, Cinémoi is also creating a slate of original programming. Seeking to be a preferred TV destination, Cinémoi goes behind the scenes of major global film festivals including Berlin, Cannes, London, Rio, Toronto, and Venice. In addition, once a week the network will feature a premiere of film festival winners in partnership with Film Festival Flix, as well as interviews with the talent behind those movies, and exclusive Red Carpet moments.

Traversing fashion weeks from New York to London, Milan to Paris, the channel’s CineCouture programming profiles fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier, who called Cinémoi “the most stylish channel.” Cinémoi will also visit culturally rich destinations (CineCities) and profile the world’s top chefs and most exquisite restaurants (CineCuisine).  Additionally, Cinémoi will offer “Stars of the Silver Screen,” a one-hour series spotlighting exclusive one-on-one interviews with top actors and filmmakers. 

Cinémoi Kids airs - along with family-oriented movies in the afternoon, early evening and weekend slots -children’s morning programming daily, including such beautifully-crafted European animation as Babar, Magic Roundabout, Jacques Cousteau’s Ocean Tales, and Lucky Luke.  Special programming also includes Earth From Above, CineGreen documentaries, which entertain, educate and inspire by highlighting the achievement of the human spirit to heal the planet.

“We envision Cinémoi as a home for excellent programming, a magnetic destination for quality-seeking audiences. Our mission is to provide a window to a world of curated films, romantic and sensual adventures, elegant and exclusive world events,” stated Daphna Edwards Ziman, president of Cinémoi, North America.  “We’re excited to launch on Verizon and look forward to other milestones in the months ahead.”

The creative force behind the U.S. launch of Cinémoi, Ziman is a diversely experienced music label founder, film and television executive, and critically acclaimed New York Times best-selling author who discovered Cinémoi while on a European tour to promote her novel, The Gray Zone. The European network had already established a reputation, since its May 2009 launch, as a coveted entertainment brand recognized for outstanding programming, expertly curated films and successful collaborations with the finest talents across entertainment, fashion, art and culture. Ziman reimagined Cinémoi for U.S viewers as a more accessible and innovative network, whose website (www.CinemoiUS.com) provides a global platform for much of its best programs. 

Through a partnership with the former Westwood One Chief and DIRECTV executive Rod Sherwood, who serves as the chairman and CEO, and with Oliver Bengough, the British- based entrepreneur and owner of Mint Entertainment, based in the UK, the vision of Cinémoi North America is a reality.  Included in Team Cinémoi is Noreen Harrington, former chief of hedge funds at Goldman Sachs, whom Ziman describes as “the wind beneath our wings.”

Now, Orbit Picture, Inc. has chosen Cinémoi as a first step to its presence on television. “From the days of Metromedia, quality media has been a passion for me and my family,” said Charles Fries, President of Orbit.  “It is with this kind of passion that we decided to support and help grow Cinémoi’s presence in the domestic and international markets with the intention of using the network as the cornerstone of distributing media that matters on television, here and across the globe.”